Together Time with Natural Gran

Together Time refers to all the lovely 'quality' time that grandparents and their grandkids have whenever they come together-- the 'ideal' is in person, but sometimes distance or other circumstances make that impossible. Still, Grans and their grandchildren deserve to be together, and so I have included in the following list of ideas for activities, ways to connect even without sharing the same physical space.

This is an inexhaustible list, only limited by our joint imaginations-- please

feel free to contact me to add your favorite Together Time activities and ideas, and I will include as many as possible!

It's Just Me 'n' You, Kid-- is probably one of the most over-used quotes (from George Burns and Gracie Allen??)but just splendid as a motif for the conspiratorial bond (to break loose and have fun) that often exists between grandparents and their grandkids. The links below focus on grandparent-grandchild activities and connection ideas that are, as much as possible, safe, natural, organic, fun, educational, memorable, loving, and intended to enhance the attachment and affection between the 'Wise One' and the 'Wee One'.

Some of the activities are "traditional"-- stuff Grans have done with their muffins since time immemorial (such as teaching little fingers to knit or baking cookies together), some are modifications of typical parent-child activities (such as attending Church together or reading stories) and some are ideas for using the technological aspects of grandparent-child relationships in this era (connecting by IM and webcam, for example) I apologize for most of the activities being geared to the 'younger crowd' of grandchildren-- that just happens to be where my current experience falls.
Your ideas and suggestions for activities for older children visiting their Grans are happily received here!

  • Attending Church Together
  • Baking and Other Food Preparation
  • Car Travel
  • Child Proofing
  • Computer Connections
  • Creating Granny-Time Rituals
  • Dancing
  • Dining Out
  • Family History
  • Finger Play
  • Finger Puppets
  • Galleries and Other Special Visits
  • Games in General
  • Gardening
  • Indoor Play
  • Kites
  • Making Music Together
  • Organic Arts and Crafts
  • Organic Toys
  • Pets
  • Reading Together
  • Rules of Granny
  • Trips, Voyages, and Rendez-vous
  • Visiting Nursing Homes
  • Watching Videos Together