Seed Map: Food, Farmers and Climate Chaos

The Seed Map is a teaching and advocacy tool designed to show the state of global agro-biodiversity today. Anyone can use it – teachers, gardeners, policy makers, and more!

The map identifies key threats to the world’s seed and biodiversity systems, and highlights regions where peoples’ movements are fighting to protect biodiversity – and winning!

When you order a Seed Map you get an easy to understand, full-size (26”x39”) world map as well as access to an interactive website*, and a CD* of that website for ease of reference.

The map is available in English, French*, and Spanish*.

Order yours today! Visit

or call 1-800-565-6872 ext.228

(613-234-6827 in Ottawa).

For a sneak peak of the map itself, view the following link:

The Seed Map is a project of USC Canada and the ETC Group.

*Available Later in 2008