Organic Gifts Online for the Organic Mamma in the Family

Yes, you will find organic gifts online but quite often they are scattered across the Web like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs... by the time you get to the trail the birds have eaten all the crumbs! (Go ahead, figure that metaphor out and then let me know what it means...hahah)

Sometimes at Christmas the hardest-working member of the family gets forgotten, or her gifts reflect a last-minute dive into the local WalMart. This year could be different! If you have an organically-inclined woman in your life, I would like to offer these suggestions (with links) so that you can get a jump on getting her "the perfect organic gifts online".

We know that she is health-conscious. She strives to feed her family and herself the optimal healthy food-- lots of fruits and veggies-- and she knows that the best blender on the market is still that 10-appliances-in-one brand, the VitaMix. (Did you know that VitaMix 5200 is the first appliance to have a BPA-free canister?)

She does what mothers before her have done through the centuries: she spends her money on her kids. She dresses them in healthy, natural fibres (organic, whenever possible). She probably can't "afford" anything quite that luxurious for herself. Surprise her! Check out some of the possibilities by clicking on the organic sweater above-- just one of many organic gifts online but you can see a bunch just grouped together here for her!

Yes, she works hard and often goes flat-out as part of her commitment to those she loves. Is she getting the nutrition she needs? We know that even when you eat organically-grown food that most of our crop lands are depleted of the nutrients they had in times gone by.

And she cares intensely about the health and wellbeing of this planet. She is careful to recycle and to use "only the best" biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaners. Here is an opportunity to introduce her to the actual best green cleaning supplies on the market today, cleaners so concentrated that she won't run out for ages (and that saves on packaging and the landfills). Jacques Cousteau and Oprah are both big fans of these cleaners.

Okay, those are pretty traditional kinds of gifts. What if what she really really wants is to be working at home, building a successful 'green' business (saving on gas, not having to send the kids to daycare). Could you support her with this sort of gift? Take a look here at the Freedom Project video. The evaluation of this business is FREE... no big upfront costs, and no pushy salespeople calling you (or her). Watch the video with her here and then submit the form and we will set up a time to go through our "three classrooms" to check out the business. I don't imagine you were thinking about a 'home business' when you thought about 'organic gifts online'-- but why not?

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Mattresses Whatever your choices, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Have a wonderful holiday honouring this wonderful woman!