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I think life was a lot simpler when I was a child-- I am not Granny Moses, but I did spend some of my childhood in a log farmhouse with no TV and-- gak!-- no electricity or running water. We ate out a whole lot less, read a whole lot more, and spent much time in the great outdoors. I don't want to give up ALL my 21st Century comforts, but I would like my grandkids to have a bit of a road map that I, their Natural Gran, staked out for them-- a path that they can follow to a more natural lifestyle that just might be healthier and happier than what the "unnatural" world offers. I'm on that path myself, trying to reclaim some of the good stuff from my more natural past... you're invited along too.


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baking and other food preparation

Baking and other Food Preparation with grandchildren can be a time of closeness and a fabulous teaching-learning experience in self-care, cooking, nutrition, and making good choices.

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Your Grandbaby's First Home

Your Grandbaby's First Home should be healthy, safe, non-toxic, natural, comfortable, comforting, peaceful and loving. How can you contribute to your Grandbaby's first home?

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Together Time With Natural Gran

Together Time gives a list of safe, natural, organic, fun, educational, memorable, loving, attaching activities for grans and their grandchildren to engage in.

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Safe Garden Sprays You Can Make Yourself

Safe Garden Sprays are described and formulas are provided for their making (using pure essential oils and other safe, effective products)

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Natural Christian Parenting

Here you will find natural Christian parenting articles from various prominent Christian writers on the web.

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Home Biz for Gran

Here is the perfect home biz for grandmothers & other boomers.If you are looking for an ethical, long-established, businss to operate from home see the free evaluation at

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Grand Remedies

Grand Remedies are those magical potions and health-giving protocols that natural grannies have known and practiced throughout the ages. These are some of the grand remedies that I use.

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Child Proofing

Child Proofing is a method of maintaining safety and respect for children and belongings at Gran's.

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A Natural Gran

Non-Toxic Wit and Fresh Wisdom From A Natural Gran

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My Nano (Grandmother)

When I was just three, my father passed away. He died at the young age of 30, with a rare kidney disease that had no cure. My brother and I were left with

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Contribute To Natural Gran

Would you like to share your knowledge about being a grandmother? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Raw Kids in the Kitchen

Your grandkids (or kidlets) will likely thank you for an opportunity to let go of the sugar highs and itchies following too much sweet indulgences lately, as they eat some yummy living delicious sweets-- some from a special uncookbook just for kids 6-12 years old.

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Knitting Confection... Oh Yummy

Here is a cute little bootie, one of many that this Gran plans to knit over the coming winter... free pattern... gorgeous wool...

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Christmas Cookies (not the Healthy Kind either)

The most wicked bunch of Christmas Cookie Recipes around-- sugary, gooey, chewy, supersweet, yummy, rot-your-teeth good-- the kind that you hope your grandkids don't eat when you are not around.

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Knitting n Crochet

Feels like that 'crafty' wooly time of the year again-- I just came across this helpful site:Proven income opportunity, starting a home craft business, creative business ide

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10 Things Grandkids Will Hear in 2025

This is on Twitter right now and is pretty funny.

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Overcoming Digestive Inflammation Naturally

There are many different reasons for Irritable Bowel Disorders, including allergies, stress and hormonal changes. Here are some ideas on what to do different from conventional meds and surgery. Sorry - Article no longer available.

Never To Late To Learn About Self-Love

Before you can minister to others in love, you need to love yourself. Brad Yates presented on this important topic in the World Tapping Summit. Learn some neat things about your "faithful servant"

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my granny

my granny and I back when i was a child

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Attending Church

Attending church together: Tips for Sweet Forever Bonding between Gran and grandkids

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99-year old Great-Granny competing in Masters Games

Ruth Frith, mother of a former Olympic competitor, is 99 and will be 100 when she competes in the next Masters Games.

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Celebrating Age-- Inspiring Tweets about growing older...

Tweet-size pieces of wisdom from Plain Dealer's columnist, Regina Brett

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I'm a Grandmother

describes a grandparent in humorous terms...

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Funnies from the Mouths of Babes

Children say the 'darnedest' things as Art Linklater used to say...

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Organic Garden at the White House

Michelle Obama is digging up the lawn at the White House to put in 55 different kinds of organic veggies....

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Of Igloos and Ignorance

Granny is just trying to get her humour quota in before the weekend ends here: Michelle Shocked's great song "When I Grow Up I Want to be an Old Woman" done up on video properly (without the cheezy ads) and some hilarious Q&A re the Vancouver 2010 Olympics...

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The Virtues of Carob

Read about some of the amazing attributes of this 'Biblical' legume... how chocolate was once considered "poor man's carob"... why you should take carob in not as 'raw' but lightly heated/toasted... and subscribe to the Temple Tenders ezine to get a series of free recipes using Bible Foods like carob, dates, grapes, etc.

How to Live to Be Old Part 4

Watch this next segment of the excellent BBC documentary on the longevity of various people groups to find out about a UK city that is about 50 years behind most other cities in male longevity improvement... why would that be?

How to Live to Be Old Part 3

Watch this next segment of the BBC study of the longevity of various global people groups to find out how a small California community of elders is signficant...

How to Live to Be Old Part 2

Interesting that theories for extended longevity are almost as diverse as other reasons for health and wellness theories. Watch Part 2 (about 10 minutes) of this fascinating BBC series on healthy aging where there is a definite contradiction of traditional bias...

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How to Live To Be Old But Healthy

What is different about the centenarians of Okinawa, Japan? Why are there more people active at 100 years old there, per capita, than elsewhere in Japan? Watch this very interesting BBC series, starting with Part 1 here.

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10 Ways to Live to 100

You don't need to eat yogurt and live on a mountain top, but you do need to floss.

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Slumdog Millionaire Crockpot Curry Recipe

A fantastic easy recipe for crock-pot curry to have over quinoa or rice when the Slumdog Millionaire DVD comes out (or have it before and watch a Bollywood flick!)

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Positive Inner Peace

If you can start the day without caffeine,

If you can get going without pep pills,

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles....

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Lovers Soup

A great soup to share with your Sweetie on Valentine's Day...

Computer Connections

Here you will find ideas in how to connect with your grandchild on the internet and suggestions for computer activities that are fun and excellent learning for both of you in your 'together time'.

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Granny in the White House

Wow- imagine the stability of having a Gran in the White House! But Marian Robinson has her own life, too...

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Another Prayer Shawl

This is so much fun... and a wonderful way to remember to pray for the people in my life. Easy, too...

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Gran's Bible Verses Help at Sleepy Time

Some select Bible verses that make references to the joy and peace of good sleep...

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Cinnamon: How Healthy Is It?

Cinnamon is a spice with a lot of great medicinal and gourmet qualities attributed to it... we should eat it every day in every way, right?

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Natural Medicine Chest to deal with Flu, Cold and Viruses

Find out how you can stock a Natural Medicine Chest to maintain your health, and that of those you care about.

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Cha Cha Action

Learn the Cha Cha right in front of your computer from this Youtube video. Dance is one of the best 'brain exercises'-- yes, superior to reading about it is actually getting up and doing it. Have fun, break a sweat and give your brain a little action!

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Lazy Perogy Soup Recipe

An easy-to-make soup for a chilly day...

Overcoming Cancer Without Chemo-- Is It Possible?

Read about how one woman overcame breast cancer without chemo.. and other posts related to her healing and detox protocol.

How Many Grannies Can Dance on a Mouse?

Richard Wilson is doing a study of seniors' computer use at Leeds University in England and needs YOUR input.

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Did he have on Clean Underwear?

Here is Bill Cosby doing a screamingly funny piece about his parents as grandparents.

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Mercury Fillings-- What Happens to Them?

A little information about a "green" burial and what happens to mecury fillings after we expire?

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Grannies go to Jail for Peace

This happened in March of 2008 but is a great demonstration of the dedication and power of grandmothers in this world...