My Nano (Grandmother)

by Mary

When I was just three, my father passed away. He died at the young age of 30, with a rare kidney disease that had no cure. My brother and I were left with my mother, a young but brave widow who stood her own against each difficult battle in life.

In these trying times, my grandparents were very supportive and caring. My granny, whom I used to call ‘Nano’ took care of me like a mother. As time went by, both my grandparents developed diseases with no cure.

When they passed away, six months apart from each other, I was devastated. My whole world came crashing down and it took me months to regain normalcy in my life. I would close my eyes, and I would hear their voices calling out my name! I wasn’t able to sleep well and began to develop serious health issues.

Then I had my own son. Time is a healer and I began to recover and get involved in the circle of life again.

Life came to a complete circle when my son started calling my mother ‘Nano’ too! He shared a kindred spirit with her. They did a lot of fun things together, pretty similar to what I used to with my gran. I missed her a lot at these times, but was happy to see my son and mother bond together. I was also grateful to God for giving my son an opportunity to experience the unconditional love of a grandparent, just like I had.

Not everyone shares a close relationship with their grandparents. Usually, either the distance or age gap is too great to promote bonding. Also, sometimes, grandparents remain a little reserved voluntarily and do not want to spoil the children.

However, in our families, things are the total opposite. Grandparents are of the opinion that they have been sent on Earth to spoil grandchildren. Their disciplining work is done and they are no longer responsible for anything, so they pamper and spoil their grandkids to the max!

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