A Picture of My Granny at an Unknown Function (Sample for Clara Mae)

Here is a picture of me as a 12-year old with various friends AND my own granny who I must say looks very glamorous for a granny of a 12-year old, not to mention that she is playing on the merry-go-round with us kids. I am the little scowling girl just beside my granny. My little brother Jim is standing to the far left of the picture. I see that my granny still had dark hair when she was 62, which is how old she would be in this picture... unless her hair was dyed, which I guess is possible. In any case, my genealogical cousin, Gaelynn, just recently sent me this photo with the hope that I could identify the kids (which I could) but also wondering what the occasion was-- we are all in dresses (except the boys of course) and it is in the Pontrilas schoolyard. Is it the grand opening of the Pontrilas Hotel that my Aunt and Uncle started to operate at this time? Probably. (this is a sample of a picture with a float;left orientation-- the writing all falls along the left side)