Start Living Better With A Healthy Vegetable Garden

A good part of my girlhood was spent on a mixed grain farm in Saskatchewan where growing a healthy vegetable garden was not only an expectation, but also a necessity for anyone who wanted to eat something more than the rusty lettuce and canned peas that passed for vegetables in the local shops.

My parents were both interested gardeners, but my Dad had a workaholic's commitment to his 'other' career and my Mom did a lot of reading and talking about her ideas into the wee hours of the night with our Dad (bless her heart, had she been born a little after she was, she would have been one of the Internet pioneer surfers and divers, I have no doubt.) We generally had a heavily-producing garden, but it was weedy and neglected by about July.

My father's mother, on the other hand, was a master gardener. She had a massive healthy vegetable garden that not only included the usual Saskatchewan plant fare (potatoes, peas, beans, cabbage, onions, corn, tomatoes) but also less familiar vegetables such as asparagus and kohlrabi. In her eighties she experimented with growing different kinds of garlic.

I'd like to be able to brag that I have a beautiful and diverse veggie garden, that every garden I've ever grown has been a splendid contribution to our family table. Alas, I can't make such a claim.

The fact is that I am as uneven a gardener as were my parents. Some years I spend hours composting, cultivating, weeding, and even dehydrating. Some years I don't.

But my perspective has changed when I became a Grandmother. I now want my grandchildren to experience Granny's garden... to walk in it, play in it, and eat from it-- much as I experienced MY Granny's garden back fifty years ago.

You might already be a competent organic gardener, or maybe you've laid your gardening tools aside as you attend to other tasks in your life. I invite you along anyhow-- come and see what there is to uncover and discover and recover in this Natural Gran's Backyard Healthy Vegetable Garden.

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