Natural Gran's Healthy Nutrition Guide

Right off the mark here it is worthwhile to state that my Healthy Nutrition Guide is just that-- a guide to getting more nutritious value for your buck-- and after years of research, it is MY particular take on what is healthy nutrition. I am not a certified nutritionist or other certified health care professional, but at 57 years old I can claim the following:

(1)Over the past seven years I have experienced good to excellent general health. I attribute this mostly to eating a plant-based diet (with the odd organic free-range egg or other animal product having made its way into my mouth a few times).

(2)I drink a Green Smoothie every morning for breakfast and my two-year old granddaughter also likes green smoothies as long as she gets a go-ahead nod from her parents and hasn't witnessed her Dad turning up his nose at the offer. Green Smoothies give me an immense feeling of peace, wellness and body-harmony.
(3)Because of a health-conscious husband and a hippie son, I have stepped out of the box and tried the famous "raw vegan diet", and I have stepped back into the box, and out again, and back in and out. But the fact is that I DO feel more energized when I eat raw vegan, my skin is softer, and I sleep better. As a rule of thumb, I eat more raw vegan in the summer when we have a lot of fresh, delicious, ripe, juicy, organic fruit from local sources-- even in our backyard and the neighborhood berry patches. My grandkids are part Filippina, so they will be naturally drawn to sweet, juicy, yummy, raw, fresh fruits. The three-year old also likes chocolate (so does Gran), so that is a challenge... fortunately, I have discovered some delectable, satisfying raw carob/raw chocolate recipes that hit the spot, useful for transition to a healthier eating style or taken in extreme moderation (as one does with any "treat", right?) I want to eat as well as it is possible to eat-- and from everything I've read it would appear that the raw vegan diet offers optimal nutrition for everyone from small children (post-breastfeeding) to post-menopausal crones like myself.

I want my Granddaughters to know that an excellent way of eating might not require learning how to cook!

I also recognize that our earth's soil is much depleted of the original nutrients, and that even in our organic fruits and vegetables there can be heavy metals and other toxins from a contaminated world. Like many, I take the safest, highest-grade nutritional supplements to balance my diet.

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