Healthy Cookie Recipes to Make With Your Grandkids

Healthy cookie recipes-- isn't that an oxymoron? Aren't they all 'bad' for you?

The fact is that cookies are synonymous with sweetness and the milk of grandmotherly love and kindness. If you don't provide some sort of hand-held sweet, yummy little snack, your grandchild will go elsewhere to get it. So, why not make really health-giving AND yummy biscuits with your grandchild? Why not take the opportunity to focus in on delicious and nutritious snacks?

Cookie-making doesn't necessary entail traditional 'baking'-- there are many 'unbaked' cookies made with 'living' (raw) ingredients that are spectacularly tasty. And there are several baked cookie snacks that have nutritious recipes that make them truly nutrient-dense and that recognize allergies, dietary deficits, and even the wholesome emotional bonds that baking together can forge!

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