Computer Connections for Grandparents and Grandkids

The picture of our granddaughter, Gelie, to the left gives a new meaning to the idea of seeing your grandbaby on the computer. Her lolo was watching very carefully, from nearby, of course, as this little climber scaled up to the monitor and checked out the mouse to see if she could tune into Youtube(?). She is 13 months old in this picture (she walked at 9 months)and actually is more computer adept than I was at 30, hehe.

An excellent on-line friend of mine has a website devoted to grandparents developing and maintaining relationships with their grandkids based on technology. Go here for a landslide of useful information and fun applications for your knowledge!

The following request comes from Richard Wilson, a student at Leeds University in England. He is researching the use of computers by people older than 50 years. He needs individuals in this age group (50+) to take two short surveys.

So please take a moment and answer these two quick online surveys. They are completely anonymous. Your participation will benefit many people to come.

* Survey one - Using Computers
* Survey two - Your Computer