Baking and Other Food Preparation With Grandkids

Baking and other food preparation with grandchildren can be a time of closeness and a fabulous teaching-learning experience in self-care, cooking, nutrition, and making good choices. Of course, it can also be fun!

Healthy Cookies

As I have said elsewhere, if you don't make healthy cookies with your grandkids, they will go elsewhere to get less healthy snacks! Even the smallest of tots can help out with cookie creation-- sticking raisins on, rolling and leveling littlest balls of dough, counting the baked goods, serving, cleaning up bowls, and maybe preventing Gran from eating the lion's share all by herself(?).

Considerations for producing "grandchild-friendly cookies" include the following:

  • Allergies and food intolerances: Look for recipes that do not include ingredients that are at issue, commonly being items like dairy, gluten, peanuts, soy, sugar, citrus, food dyes, chemical additives, preservatives, and eggs. Amazingly, there are substitutes for all the above items that in no way affect the taste and quality of the home-made healthy cookie, and which actually improve it. Go here and scroll down to find out about some of the substitutions you can make.
  • Family Nutritional Preferences/Styles: by which I mean some parents are vegetarian or vegan or raw vegan or have eliminated certain categories of 'food groups' such as "processed sugars" or "alum-containing baking powder". Let your grandchild's parent peruse the recipe, if possible, if you think there might be any conflicts. In the case of the raw vegan parent, you will find a number of no-bake, raw vegan cookies to make with your grandchild. Big bonus: No hot oven, no pans to wash.
  • Other Food Preparation

    Pretty much the same considerations stand, as above. But, other than that, the kitchen is your playground with your grandchild! What you choose to prepare is limited only by your imagination, the child's interest, and your ability and willingness to supervise the process.

    Over the next several weeks to come we will provide you with 7 nutritious, delicious recipes that you can turn out with your favorite little mini-chef. Just fill in the following (where there is an *asterisk, we need that info):'s Healthy Cookie Recipes

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