A Natural Gran in
The Age of the Green Smoothie

The sweetest words I've heard in years came from my husband as I laboriously walked, rocked, and sang-soothed our granddaughter to sleep. He said:

"You are such a natural gran!"

I thought to myself, "Hey, that's exactly what I want to be!"

I want to draw on all those years of experimenting with parenting styles-- (to find that when you finally 'get it right', the kids have flown the nest)...

I want to tap back into what I learned as an Adlerian parenting group facilitator and a counselor to women and kids leaving abusive relationships-- (but without having to set up group rooms, make coffee, and hang out in the reception area of police stations)...

But I also want to do the Play Group/Library Fun Day thing again...

I want to see little hands in the cookie dough but this time I will be more patient, more "into the process" of building an organic relationship and less preoccupied by the mess that will have to be cleaned up...

Being a Natural Grandparent sounds like a second chance at all the good stuff that comes with parenting...

I also want to crystallize all the healthy eating and lifestyle information that we have accrued in this family through the years. I want to model this, but I also want to 'follow my own advice'. I want to practice a natural, healthy way of living so that I can be around to enjoy my grandkids and everyone else I love for many healthy years to come.

I'm so glad you are here reading this, because YOUR recognition and interest means that I am not standing up on this platform by myself, am I? You have some of the same desires:

To knit the qualities that you loved most in your own Granny with what you have dreamed of and read about of the most amazing qualities of the Boomer Granny-- and to be totally natural.

We can do it!

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